When Papering Walls Gets Personal: Custom Wall Paper

Posted on January 27, 2015 By

While today it is usual to see each room come alive with paint or different materials stretching on each side, there was once a time where rooms were quite bare, save for the furniture featured in them. Today there have been even more developments in how people can choose to decorate their rooms, but none of it would have been possible without the lengthy history behind it. 

Dating back to as far as the 1700s, the rich and elite would hang tapestries around the room for a splash of colour and to keep the heat within the room. Those who could not afford tapestries but wished to follow suit would use other, cheaper materials to get the desired effect. Eventually, this practice become less and less about keeping the room warm and more about keeping it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Today, we decorate the rooms for aesthetic purposes through the use of material or paint.
While paint is quite common in homes, another common feature of interior decoration is that of material. This material is used to decorate the sides of any room. Much like posters, wall stickers and other materials, it usually comes in large rolls which are then unfurled and pressed against the surface of the room vertically, strip by strip. Most commonly, there is a specific type of paint that is used to keep it against the surface but with new technology, there are some cases in which the material merely needs to become wet for its adhesive to work.
These materials generally feature different patterns or images that are achieved by varying ways. One of the older ways is that of surface printing, where heavy ink dries instantly onto material. This type of printing is more common for those wishing to have a vintage aesthetic added to their room. Another popular printing choice is rotogravure printing, where a pattern is engraved onto a cylinder printer that inks the image onto material.
For those who wish for more opportunity rather than the pre-packaged patterns, custom wallpaper in Australia is available in this day and age. Many companies in this field offer customers an opportunity to have their own desired pattern or image on the material, rather than having them settle for a pre-made one. This can give the room a more unique touch. However, this idea is about originality, personality and creativity, which means that no copyright images can be printed onto material as there are too many legal limitations. Whats more is that many of these companies will not force their customer to buy in bulk or to buy a large roll, which may be unnecessary. Though not true of every company, many that allow original designs will let their customer dictate how big they wish their piece of material to be. As such, customers will only be paying for this.

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