Month: August 2015

Ensure Artwork Stays Safe Dring A Relocation

Moving house is never easy and can even be made more difficult if you have valuables like fine arts to think of. Something like fine art is not only expensive but may represent something special to the owner. That is why during a move, care has to be taken to ensure the artwork reaches the destination in great form.
To be able relocate without losing some of your valuables, it is important to plan the move correctly. Depending on where you are going to, you should be able to determine if you will need art customs clearance. Other thing to consider is what goes into where and how they are to be transported. It is important to start preparing early, get the right protection for the arts and possible think about storage.
Planning to moveWhen planning to move house, it is important to start planning early and choose best art packing services. Early planning becomes more important when there are artworks involved. Depending on how many of such artworks are there, the planning may take a while to get everything sorted. If you are using a moving company, you will have to discuss your needs with them.
Start by making a list of the different items and their dimensions. This will help the moving company plan on what boxes to bring and what kind of protection material o include. Before the items are packed, take pictures of their state before the packing. This may be useful in case you have to make use of insurance claim. Also you should check your insurance cover to be sure that it covers things like damages from moving. If it doesn’t you may have to get one for the move or ask the moving company if they offer one.
Get the right companyWhen moving such valuable items as artwork, it is better to get a company that specializes in this type of move. Note that you should not use your traditional moving company since they may not have the right fleet and equipment for this type of move. If you do get the right company, you can be sure to get the right transportation mode and security needed to transfer your valuables and keep them in the right state. If possible look at a few different options before choosing a moving company to do the move.
It is very important that the value of your artworks does not change as a result of relocation moves. You may want to look for appropriate storage for the art. When you do look for storage, make sure that it is protected against temperature and moisture.
To recap when relocating, adequate planning and working with the right moving company will help ensure that your artwork reaches the new destination in the right condition.