Month: July 2015

There\’s No Place Like Home

If I take a brisk walk down memory lane, I can clearly remember my childhood home, the sweet place that I grew up in. I remember most of the details of the house, I remember I used to mark my height on the frame of the living room door once every few months. Sometimes I would grow faster, sometimes I wouldn’t.
Then I recall the days when my parents decided to redecorate our home and part of it implied whitewashing the walls and painting the doors and their frames in particular. My emotional well being went south when I saw that where I used to register my growth there were no lines anymore. How did I wish that there would be something on which I could draw my marks that didn’t need to suffer any change. Well, actually there is.
A permanent solution
How can I describe a wooden ruler height chart Imagine a ruler, enlarged in all directions, made of wood and hanging on one of your walls. Therefore, what it seems to be is a 6 foot wood board, marked with parallel lines. It’s essentially a big ruler, as I’ve just stated. The main idea is to make additional lines by using a permanent marker of some sort to register the evolution of the child.
From their point of view, it can be seen as an achievement chart. We all know that as children we all wanted to be big and strong one day, just like our mother and our father. Seeing that he is closer to his goal, day by day, can really bring joy into the life of a child. If you think about it, it’s no big deal. But it is said that the secret to happiness lies in the little things.
Furthermore, after they grow up, people like remembering their childhood moments, each and every one of them. It is the time in one’s life when there are no worries, except missing the daily cartoon show maybe, nothing one has to do without wanting to, total freedom of expression, of simply being. Don’t we all want, as adults, quiet moments when we can simply be ourselves without thinking about all of the endeavors that we have to run, about work related problems, about the taxes that we forgot to pay and the price of gas which constantly goes up, miraculously.
Go back to the days of your child growing up and help him or she do it as well with this seemingly insignificant item, capable of conveying powerful emotions.