Month: April 2015

Promote Your Product Through Different Channels

Advertising plays a huge role in this digital age. It is the main reason a product can stand out among its competitors. The performance testing comes at a later stage, but first what is needed is a way to attract the customers to use the products. Promotion through different channels achieves this by using different methods in order to increase product exposure. These promotions introduce the customers to the new products and reacquaint them with the older ones.

Different promotional techniques used

  • Social Media: In the modern time when the world has shrunk to Facebook and Twitter, the social media can be a great way to market the product. A product launch part, constant updates and some thought provoking session can be a great way to spread the awareness about the product.
  • Contests: Different contests like blogging contest, phone contest etc. can help in bringing the product to the masses without any hassle. A small prize can go a long way in establishing the customer base of the product.
  • Product Giveaways: Giving a sample of the products is the best way of letting the customers experience the product firsthand.  This is mostly an in-store promotion, a kind of invitation for the new customers.
  • Corporate Uniforms: This can be a great brand marketing idea as it allows the customers to get “face-to-face” with the brand name in a different manner.
  • Promotional merchandise: Different kinds of product offered as freebies can serve as good promotion for the company. This promotional merchandise can include stationary, mugs, electronic items, pendrives etc.
  • Supporting a Charity: This is another way to bring the brand to forefront. Bigger the charity, bigger will be the media coverage, and more will be the promotion of the product.
  • CSR Initiatives: These are the initiatives taken by the brand for the bettering of society. These CSR initiatives help in strengthening the goodwill of the company among masses. It also gives exposure to the brand.
  • Customer Appreciation Events: The existing customers are the backbone of any brand. Various customer only events and other benefits can make them more loyal towards the company.
  • Mail Orders: Little gifts sent to the customers go a long way in establishing the long-term relation with the customers.
  • After sale Customer Survey: This is not only a way to provide better service to the consumers, but it is also a way to “remind” the customer of the brand.
  • Referral Programs:  Customer referral programs can go a long way in word of mouth publicity. This is an excellent way to attract new customers and offer incentives to the old ones.

With the number of promotional ways available, there is no lack of options. But the promotional method selected should be such that it complements the brand. The method and product should be selected in such a manner so that the customers are able to associate the campaign with the brand in the first go itself. Right promotion can go a long way in the success of a product or service in the market. So, select the right way and let your product soar to the sky.